Everything Looks So Hard

I know most of you have felt that everything looks so hard on you.However, you don’t know why.You don’t know what’s happened.Honestly, you don’t know what exactly you felt.You just felt that it’s hard for you. Have you ever thought to somewhere that would make you feel refreshed again?Try and imagine it first.It looks enjoyable.Without… Lanjutkan membaca Everything Looks So Hard

Appreciation of Works

Hello guys! Hoping you have a great day. Today (07/27/2020), I would like to share something about my examination task. In May 2020, my classmates and I did our examination on reading course. My lecturer gave us the assignment to make something in the form of a collection of poems/stories/songs. I decided to make poems… Lanjutkan membaca Appreciation of Works


Terjadi masalah. Harap segarkan halaman dan/atau coba lagi.

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